Professionalism and consistency. These things are key - even if you are hiring an ‘offbeat’ artist to be on your vendor team for the wedding day. You need communication. You need a contract. And you need to feel like the wedding planning process - and the day of - is respected as an important job.  Krandel tells us how easy it is to hire him or one of his artists in this episode.

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“It feels like an understatement to say that Krandel was an unforgettable part of our wedding day, for us and for our guests. He is so sweet and fun that he energizes the whole celebration! And then, there is his art. The Butt Sketch name is part of the charm, but what Krandel does is also genuinely beautiful. We wanted to be able to give our guests something to remember the evening by, but were looking for a unique alternative to the photo booths that you often see at events, and this was just perfect. Our friends and family could not believe how the sketches captured everyone so exactly! Truly incredible. We will always cherish the sketch of us that he created during our ceremony, and the ones he did of our parents. I wholeheartedly recommend having a Butt Sketcher at your next event!”
                                              - Abby & Jordan

Bride & Groom getting sketched
Reacting to her sketch
Enjoying their sketch.
Pleased guests
Artist Naiima Pjae at work
Artist Pjae at work


Photos courtesy of Catie Ann Photography

“Our first weekend as freshmen, there was a butt sketch artist sketching students. We had ourselves sketched as well, and have kept the 'portrait' this whole time. We thought this would be an interesting image to incorporate into our invitations and programs.”

                                              - Andy & Liz