If you are looking for a totally unique idea for your wedding entertainment, we have your...well...uh, butts covered.
Our unique butt sketch entertainment will have everyone at your wedding reception talking, from the giggling, potty-humor-loving preschoolers to your grandmas and aunties and everyone in between. They’ll all be lining up to get their own unique party booty: their very own Original Butt Sketches of their behinds they can take home with them.
The beauty of the butt sketch is it’s more than just a tasteful charcoal drawing of your guests’ tushies. Our Original Butt Sketch artists are as talented as entertainers as they are artists. They’ll have your guests laughing their arses off as they wait for their turn to have their rear-view sketch produced for them in front of everyone else.
The OBS is fun, it’s unique, and it gets your wedding guests talking all night!
Bringing families together over butts
No more worrying about whether the bride’s and groom’s families will get along. When all your beloved friends and family members are getting their butts sketched, politics are pushed aside, the playing field is leveled and everyone becomes best friends for life! Butt sketches work to warm up wedding parties and keep them happy throughout your wedding reception as they wait for their sketch and then show their unique product off to everyone else. We’ll make sure the bride and groom are first in line for his and hers booty sketches!
We’re able to travel to any wedding, anywhere, any time of year to create Original Butt Sketches for your guests.
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Photos courtesy of Catie Ann Photography