The Original Butt Sketch® World Tour offers worldwide customizable entertainment services to suit any event, large or small. We can perform at your wedding, corporate event, trade show, bar/bat mitzvah, private party, or any event you can create. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that our Original Butt Sketch artist entertains beyond your expectations! 

Our talented Original Butt Sketch® World Tour artists can entertain your guests during any window at your event. They can stay for an entire wedding reception or even an entire week at a trade show or they can just stop by for a few hours. That really depends on your preferences and your budget. 

Here’s a quick overview of some of the services we offer:

Live Butt Sketch Entertainment:  An Original Butt Sketch artist will come to your event location and create charcoal sketches of your guests’ butts. Each butt sketch takes 2 to 3 minutes, so we will work with you based on your party size and event details to determine how long our artist should stay on site. Lines always form quickly for an OBS artist and typically last until the party is over. 

Live Sketching Performance:  With our live performances, an OBS will travel to a location and “perform” for guests by sketching butts as part of a live stage show. Is that what this is? I’m not sure how this differs from Live Butt Sketch Entertainment. 

Private Sketch Sessions:  Want to organize a private sketch session for you, your family, your corporate team or another small, private group? With a private Original Butt Sketch session, an OBS artist can come to your home or another location to create butt sketches for your private group. 

Retail Sketch Services:  If seeing an OBS artist in action at an event isn’t in your near future, we can create a custom butt sketch for you that can be mailed to any home in the continental U.S.! We offer framing options, custom paper and can carefully ship unframed artwork in mailing tubes, ensuring your original butt sketch arrives safely. A custom-drawn Original Butt Sketch of your loved one’s bottom makes a unique and surprising holiday or birthday gift!

Custom Digital Photo Sketch:  Along the lines of our custom butt sketch mail order, we can create a unique, stylized custom digital photo sketch of any caboose you want us to create. These creations can then be mailed to your home. 

For more information about The Original Butt Sketch World Tour, contact our friendly team to learn more about which services are right for your special event and to inquire about pricing.