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Great for:

  • Award Banquets

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Holiday Parties

  • Incentive Trips

  • Parties

  • Receptions

  • Retirement Gifts

  • Sales Meetings

  • Team Building

  • Trade Shows

"...terrific concept...the time for the sketch coincides perfectly with the time it takes to qualify a prospect."


    - Margit B. Weisgal, Author

"The best attention-getter I ever saw at a show. Many years ago, I was at a Broadcast and Promotions Executive conference. Lots of creative folks trying to get our attention. One exhibitor had a guy drawing sketches of — wait for it — our butts! Seriously. He was doing butt sketches. (I asked him to shave a few pounds off of mine.) You could not go down an aisle at that trade show without seeing someone showing off their 'butt sketch.' This worked."


     - New Thought Marketing